Lot Owners

How does Strata Vote work?

It’s simple – receive your meeting agenda via email, review the motions, cast your vote.


Get notified

Once your Strata Manager has set up a meeting, you’ll receive an email with a link that instructs you to ‘click here to vote’.


Have your say

When you arrive at the voting portal you’ll see the meeting papers, including; the welcome agenda, motions and the help centre. Simply read through the items, make your selections and submit your votes.



Once completed you’ll receive a confirmation that your vote has been received. You will also receive a copy of how you voted by email. It’s that easy!

Key advantages

Always have your say

Saves time and money

Vote online anytime, anywhere

Completely secure

Fast and easy to use

Environmentally responsible

Revolutionise your voting procedure with Strata Vote.

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