Strata Managers

How does Strata Vote work?

Strata Vote has been designed to make life easier for Strata Managers. Once your company has been setup in the system, we’ve customised it to your preferences and trained your team it’s time to start running meetings.


Setup the meeting

  • Choose a scheme
  • Choose which type of meeting
  • Select from a saved meeting template or create a meeting from scratch


Create the agenda

Creating the meeting notice is easy, particularly if you’ve used the Strata Vote template creation module. You simply:

• Review the welcome notice and agenda
• Review and edit motions or add additional motions
• Add attachments


Publish the meeting

  • Before you publish the meeting, you can:
    • Preview or do a test run of the meeting
    • Configure the system to your preferred settings, eg:
      • 2 factor authentication
      • Add to calendar
      • Send reminders
    • Once you’re happy with those selections you simply publish the meeting and the meeting notice will be sent out to the lot owners



Once you’ve published your meeting you can monitor the progress of voting, enter paper votes directly into the system and ensure everyone has their say.

Key advantages

Choice of functionality

Choose how Strata Vote integrates with meeting procedures. Add just one component or apply as a complete solution.

Legislative compliance

Strata Vote easily complies with legislative requirements by state and generates compliant meeting documentation.

Quick and easy setup

Simple to pilot, Strata Vote tools have the ability to copy and modify past meetings and create templates, ensuring your time is spent where it can add most value.

Competitive advantage

Ability to provide a better service, at lower cost, that is accessible, completely secure and environmentally friendly.

Support for managers

Easily manageable, Strata Vote requires minimal support, nonetheless we are here to help when support is needed.


Strata managers are charged on a per meeting basis which makes it easy to on charge or dispurse the costs. Our volume discounts mean the more you use Strata Vote, the more you will save.

If you’d like to know more, we’d be happy to have a chat. Please provide us with the following details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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