StrataVote - What is StrataVote?

What is StrataVote?

StrataVote is an online tool that allows you to quickly compose new meetings from templates and issue documents over email. Lot owners can click through and vote online if they wish or attend a meeting in person. Our Meeting Manager module makes running the meeting a breeze and automatically compiles the minutes for you to send out.

StrataVote works with your existing templates and software so it’s easy to get started. No double-entry of information, no time wasted creating documents – just a beautiful seamless process for strata managers and an engaging online experience for lot owners.

StrataVote - How it works.

How it works.

StrataVote pulls in up-to-date scheme and lot owner information from your existing software. It populates your existing templates (maintaining brand integrity and legislative compliance) and sends them out to all lot owners with an email address. It also creates a PDF and mailing list so you can communicate with all other lot owners as efficiently as possible. If you use BING, we integrate seamlessly to send out agendas and minutes.

Lot owners can vote online on any device just by clicking a link in an email – no need to install an app. The electronic votes are tallied, brought through into our Meeting Manager module and combined with votes taken from the floor. By the end of the meeting, your minutes are pre-compiled and ready to send out.

StrataVote - How it works.
StrataVote - Fully featured and fully customisable.

Fully featured and fully customisable.

StrataVote handles the intricacies of each state’s legislation (Australian states and NZ). You can choose to use it to create documents only and not offer electronic voting. You can use it for agendas and voting online only and use your own processes to manage physical meetings.

You can use StrataVote for committee meetings and EGMs only and keep running AGMs how you currently run them. StrataVote doesn’t limit how you want to run your business in any way whatsoever.

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