Revolutionise your voting procedure with Strata Vote.

The ultimate online strata voting and meeting automation platform.

How it works

All too often, key decisions in strata/body corporate meetings are made by a few regular attendees. Many lot owners are not able to attend strata meetings in person and the proxy process can be complex.

Strata Vote is a revolutionary platform that allows lot owners to vote in their strata meetings online. This includes receiving all documentation online, securely logging in, voting, and receiving confirmation of all outcomes.

Strata Vote reduces costs for lot owners by automating regulatory compliance and reducing the printing, postage and manual handling of documents. Strata Vote is good for the environment and vastly improves lot owner participation rates.

If you are a strata/body corporate manager, click here to see how Strata Vote can streamline the services you offer to lot owners. If you are a lot owner, click here to see why you should be getting your strata manager to use Strata Vote.

For lot owners

Always have your say

Saves time and money

Vote online anytime, anywhere

Completely secure

Fast and easy to use

Environmentally responsible

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For strata/body corporate managers

Choice of functionality

Choose how Strata Vote integrates with meeting procedures. Add just one component or apply as a complete solution.

Legislative compliance

Strata Vote easily complies with legislative requirements by state and generates compliant meeting documentation.

Quick and easy setup

Simple to pilot, Strata Vote tools have the ability to copy and modify past meetings and create templates, ensuring your time is spent where it can add most value.

Competitive advantage

Ability to provide a better service, at lower cost, that is accessible, completely secure and environmentally friendly.

Support for managers

Easily manageable, Strata Vote requires minimal support, nonetheless we are here to help when support is needed.


Strata managers are charged on a per meeting basis which makes it easy to on charge or dispurse the costs. Our volume discounts mean the more you use Strata Vote, the more you will save.

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The Strata Vote team

Scott Ayton
Technical Direction and Product Development

Scott leads our technical team and brings with him many years of software design, problem solving and product development experience. Scott’s in-depth knowledge of Strata industry legislation ensure that our system is compliant across all states and kept up to date if and when legislation changes.

Jason Goodridge
Product Strategy and Business Development

Jason plays a key role in developing our product strategy with a particular focus on business models and commercialisation. Jason contributes his significant experience in product development, building businesses and guiding customers through this process.

Matt Larwood
Product Strategy and Business Development

Matt is key in developing effective relationships with our customers, ensuring they receive a high level of customer service and support well after they have signed on. Matt has enjoyed becoming a part of the strata sector over the last few years and in particular gathering feedback from customers as this is an integral part of developing our future strategy.

Rommel Barleta
Software developer and product support

As lead software developer, Rommel works closely with the Strata Vote product team to ensure new requirements and customer feedback are built into the system and work perfectly!

Nicole Penney
UI/UX development

Nicole combines her design and technical skills to understand Strata Vote customers’ needs and to create visually appealing and intuitive software. Nicole’s strong skills in software design enriches the user experience and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Crawford Logue
Quality Assurance

Crawford works closely with the technical team to ensure Strata Vote is delivered to the highest possible level of quality. He brings many years of experience to this role and has a strong focus on making sure Strata Vote meets our customers’ expectations.

Emily Wong
Marketing & Comms

Emily manages our Marketing, PR and Communications. She has developed a strong understanding of the strata community and ensures that Strata Vote’s successes are communicated to our growing current and future client base.