StrataVote Anywhere

Lot owners can attend and vote live, without being there

StrataVote Anywhere adds live online meeting attendance functionality to your existing StrataVote implementation. Users can attend meetings live, cast votes and participate in discussions through two-way audio/video (no need to switch between different apps) and chat functionality.

1. Real time

SV Anywhere walks you through each motion at the same time attendees in a physical meeting (if there is one) are seeing things.

2. In-built audio/video functionality

See and hear your strata manager through in-built video conferencing. Everything on the one screen, no need for multiple devices or browsers.

3. Ask questions

Lot owners can have private conversations with the manager via a chat window. The manager can send out the question and answer to everyone. All chats are recorded and saved as part of the meeting record.

4. Read the “room”

Live vote totals updating, combined with being able to see and hear the manager make it just like being there. You can see the direction of the vote, and cast your vote accordingly.

5. Make decisions

Greater lot owner participation means no more deferred meetings. With meetings accessible to more lot owners, decisions are more robust.

6. Completely online

Register for the meeting via an email link. Participate with any internet connected device with a browser. Simple, convenient and secure!

7. Great for strata managers

Works with StrataVote’s Meeting Manager module seamlessly so there’s no extra effort to offer live meetings/voting to lot owners.

8. Fully featured

Supports proxies, committee elections and many other workflows and edge-cases that other software can’t handle. Nothing ends up in the too hard basket.

Seamless add-on to StrataVote

StrataVote Anywhere was originally devised to help strata managers hold legislatively required meetings while prevented from doing so by COVID-19. It is a seamless add-on to StrataVote meaning that you enable live voting in StrataVote (a new option that is visible once you have signed up to SV Anywhere) and hold the meeting as usual. Recipients of email voting papers have the option to pre-vote using the standard StrataVote functionality or to attend the meeting live through SV Anywhere. Votes are tallied from all sources automatically in the Meeting Manager.

StrataVote Anywhere isn’t any less relevant now that the COVID-19 lockdowns have ended – it’s a total game changer to the way lot owners will attend meetings going forwards. Strata managers will see enhanced lot owner satisfaction and participation and of course, this translates to improved customer retention.

Book your StrataVote Anywhere demo today!

If you like what you see, we can have you set up and using StrataVote and StrataVote Anywhere in 4-5 weeks. For existing customers, we can have you up and running with SV Anywhere in 1-2 weeks.

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