What’s new in April

By stratavote | What's New

This month saw StrataVote’s first major release for 2024. A variety of New Features are introduced as well as additional Enhancements. A couple of highlights from this release are Proxy Quota Detection and Preformatted Text Capture Tool.

Proxy Quota Detection

Our new Proxy Quota Detection will assist you in meeting regulatory requirements relating to maximum allowed proxies at your General Meetings. A warning now displays when multiple proxy allocations saved against a single representative violate restrictions on the number of proxy votes that can be exercised by one person. The warnings are based on state legislation. Multiple warnings are provided to alert the user, though starting the meeting will not be blocked.


Preformatted Text Capture Tool

To assist with including preformatted text within your meetings, a new Preformatted Text Capture Tool has been introduced to the Text Editor Menu. A new button, Capture Images from Document, will allow access to the new functionality in the Text Editor Menu. The tool allows you to snip content from a document and then insert the images into meeting content.


If you are considering starting to use StrataVote for your company, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Sales Team ([email protected]) and book in a demo, today!

If you are a current customer and missed the release notes in your inbox, please reach out to [email protected] for a link to the document.

24 April 2024 Release

New Features

  • Proxy Quota Detection
  • Preformatted Text Capture Tool
  • New Meeting Type: PSCM
  • Table Width Warning
  • Restrict Motion Templates to Offices
  • New User Permission: Branch Manager
  • Entitlement Counts in Minutes
  • Motion Preview on Import
  • Bing Job Fail Alert


  • Lock Motion Position to End
  • Lock Down Content & Must Include Motion Permissions
  • Copy Meeting Functionality Improvement
  • Copy Meeting Permissions
  • Linked SCM: Start After AGM
  • Linked SCM: Locations Linked
  • Reusable Motion Library Items
  • Custom Field Usage Option
  • Non-Mandatory Custom Fields
  • Show Blank Option on List Custom Fields
  • Secret Ballot on Locked Content Motions
  • Attachment & Motion Tabs Improvements
  • Document Generation Update