What’s new in July

By stratavote | What's New

We have just released Version 2.2.19 which is filled with clever new features and functions!

The new Quorum calculator now automates this important task at the beginning of every meeting and will auto report the outcome in the meeting minutes and export report!

StratVote - Quorum calculator screenshot
Quorum calculator screenshot

Version 2.2.19 also has several new enhancements to further increase efficiencies and save valuable time when creating or running a meeting!

These include:

  • New VOGM Meeting type for W.A customers
  • Enhanced Additional Attendee & Apologies functionality
  • The ability to copy a Meeting
  • Further improvements to Linked Committee Meetings
  • And many moreā€¦.

In addition, with Covid-19 again affecting so many of our lives and our ability to meet in person; I have attached the following link to the StrataVote Anywhere video. This short presentation explains how communities can stay connected and now have the ability to vote live from anywhere to make important decisions quickly and easily in these challenging times.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a demonstration of StrataVote and StrataVote Anywhere!

Kind regards and stay safe,

StrataVote Team

[email protected]

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If you like what you see, we can have you set up and using StrataVote and StrataVote Anywhere in 4-5 weeks. For existing customers, we can have you up and running with SV Anywhere in 1-2 weeks.

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